We Buy Scrap Metal

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We Buy Scrap Metal

We provide scrap metal removal and recycling in Massachusetts.
Following there is a list of junk and scrap metals that we can pick up and help you dispose or recycle in any city around the estate of Massachusetts.
If you have any other kind of scrap metal or junk that is not listed here, it doesn’t mean we don’t remove and dispose your specific junk.
Give us a call and we will make sure to help you get rid of any kind of junk.

  • Aluminum pick up and disposal
  • Metal cabinets removal and disposal
  • We buy Copper pay cash!
  • Get rid of Brass Faucets
  • We remove and recycle Iron objects or home appliances
  • Do you have stainless steel or tin cabinets or metal furniture? We pick it up and recycle them too.
  • We remove them from your basement or storage space or business!
  • Wired Motors from old appliances.
  • Car Radiators or entire old cars we pay cash for them.
  • Old car Batteries, we recycle them.

They hurt the environment and the air we breath.
Need to get rid of Tin or any kind of Steel furniture.?
We pick up and remove and recycle all kind of Electrical Wire, kitchen or bathroom fixtures, water heaters and furnaces from remodeling projects.
Got Nickel that need to get rid of? We can help you get rid of it.
Have Zinc? We pick and dispose it.
DieCast or other scrap.
Electronic Scrap, we can get rid of it for you.
Old Computers & Circuit Boards
All kind of metal furniture, Water heaters, Boilers and more

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